Digital Lotus or dLotus as we like to call it, is a platform for learners, students, and teachers, actually anyone with a natural urge to learn. Information on dLotus is provided in a highly planned mechanism with a structural flow.

Broadly speaking we have 4 phases:

Community (Blog + Mail + Social Networks)

The official dLotus blog. Here one can find full length articles written by experts on a wide variety of topics. For any new comer one should start from the blogs. Browse along. Go through articles of different topics. Try and identify something that interests you. Suppose Sanskriti doesn't know her interests, she patiently reads some articles and finds “Law” interesting. At this point sanskriti should go to the tracks.
Meanwhile if she has any doubts or questions she can ask @ Blog / / social networks.


Tracks are basically an outline of pre-defined plans. It shows all the various possibilities one can have. When sanskriti views the “Law” track in a single instant she would get access to a lot of information. She can identify if she wants to be a corporate lawyer, a Judge or her grand plan is to join politics. The track gives information about all possibilities one can achieve. It gives information on what she should do and the branches she would have to cover to reach her ultimate goal.
Yes, now finally sanskriti is on track and has a grand plan indeed. But how to put that into action?
For that, sanskriti would head over to the collections.


Collections are simply repositories of all resources sanskriti requires. It holds key links to the best items on the web, books, libraries, lectures, blogs, e-learning sites etc. On a normal day Sanskriti would have spent hours googling law firms, notes, acts etc. She would have to go through ten different links where she finds one that holds key information ultimately ending up watching kitten videos on youtube and forgetting what she was searching for in the first place. A collection is a refined high quality presentation of resources. In a single click it gives you access to quality resources.
Most educational sites have just these three points.
But what would sanskriti be without any hands on experience? Hence our USP: Experiments.


We provide selective opportunities to students for applying what they have learnt in the real world. Training, fellowships and internships are available to those who prove their mettle. Industrial Client Interaction, actual live projects guaranteed. Certification and skill based remuneration.
Best Part: Everything is Free. All that stops you from achieving your goal is yourself!