The concept dlotus :

Welcome to dLotus, a fresh and unique platform for promoting path-breaking ideas and new mindsets that will reign supreme and trump the cliché infested competition. dLotus (d lotus), or digital Lotus, is your one-stop shop for acquiring highly specialised development, creative work, and an ever increasing knowledge of trendsetting professional techniques. Team digital Lotus brings together – and invites – a serious variety of frontend/U.I specialists, experts of creative design and expression, dynamic coders, entrepreneurs, gamers, writers, basically everybody you need to turn a concept into a company or a brand.

Why dLotus?

The name dLotus, acronym for digital Lotus (d lotus), was decided after a bunch of hot discussions, where several awesome names were thrown in for consideration. Here are some chief reasons why this name stuck :

  1. Man is the crown of creation. He is gifted with certain powers that we do not find in other living beings. Education is one powers that develops the individual like a flower to distribute its fragrance all over the environment.
  2. Lotus grows in the muddy swamp, and comes out as one of the most beautiful flowers known to man. A lot of students, especially engineering students, complain these days that professional studies these days is a thankless business that demands too much and returns too little. While it is true that India has become stuffed with competition and that there are problems associated with every field of study, there is still a good lot of opportunities out there that are just waiting to be explored. So if we were creating a portal that is trying to help students get out of the swamp of despair and shine(and is probably already helping some), there could be no better symbol than the prodigal Lotus.
  3. In Hindu mythology, the Lotus is considered to be the flower where
    Laxmi – the Goddess of money and prosperity, and
    Saraswati – the Goddess of knowledge and wisdom, are seated.
    For a professional, a symbol relating to these two deities seems most relevant.
  4. Lotus is the national flower of India. And we are patriotic people, aren’t we?
  5. The fragrance of a Lotus is very subtle, yet it attracts people in the very first look (I specially love it's simple and beautiful colors). Our team consists of people who have limited experience but big dreams and electrifying ideas. For a team of uncanny experts, a Lotus seems more than appropriate, don’t you think?
  6. We have a still-to-blossom lotus, represents we and our dear lotii (readers), who are still to bloom/blossom and on, to become the most beutiful thing possible, knowledge in never enough, education is never completed.
  7. Digital, which "d" stands for in d-lotus. We live in a digital world (atleast most of us) and the medium we will be using is same, we will be sharing on this digital platform.

Considering these outlooks, the name digital Lotus became the natural candidate, and hence, the obvious name of choice for our initiative. That’s how the idea for our digital Lotus was conceived, which quickly shortened to its chic title – “d lotus” / “dLotus”.